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Profesjonalne i szybkie rozbiórki

Cutting concrete and asphalt with driving saw

KONKRET carries out cutting works using the diamond technique; construction materials that can be cut include concrete, ferroconcrete, brick constructions, asphalt, etc.

We cut out holes of any shape in the walls, floors/ceilings and other structural elements.

We offer the following kinds of cuts:

  • up to a thickness of 730mm, on one side, with a wall saw (cutting concrete, ferroconcrete, brick walls and ceramic constructions, etc.)
  • up to a thickness of 500mm with a driving saw (cutting floors, asphalt, floors/ceilings, road slabs)
  • up to a thickness of 120mm, on one side, using hand saws (cutting and widening doorways and windows, cutting grooves, etc.)
  • unlimited thickness using rope saws