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Profesjonalne i szybkie rozbiórki

Drilling holes

KONKRET carries out drilling using diamond techniques; drilled holes have diameters ranging from 10mm to 1000mm, drilling can be done vertically, horizontally, at any angle and at any height.

We drill holes up to any depth in concrete, ferroconcrete, brick, stone and other building materials.

Conventional drilling methods are labour-consuming, progress is slow, a lot of noise and dust is generated and hence that type of technology at the finishing stage is excluded. In case of holes drilled in ferroconcrete (reinforced concrete drilling) there is also a need to cut reinforcement steel, which increases time and labour resources necessary to complete such a work. With all the disadvantages, effects of conventional works are not acceptable: the holes are not precise in size, the edges are irregular due to crushing of concrete, vibrations cause micro-cracks of concrete work, which reduces its strength.

The use of diamond drilling technique eliminates all these problems. Drilling is fast, precise, dust-free and non-percussive. Diamond drills, with bit segments, can smoothly drill ferroconcrete, stone, brick and other building materials. Diamond technique allows drilling at any angle, and the holes have dimensions in accordance with design - they are even and do not require additional works. Holes drilled using diamond techniques are particularly useful when it is necessary to make culverts in external partitions due to the smooth surface of the hole - is easy to seal afterwards