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Profesjonalne i szybkie rozbiórki

Manual demolition and disassembly

The KONKRET company carries out manually controlled demolitions and demolition of buildings which, due to the adopted technology, cannot be demolished using heavy construction equipment.

Manual demolition and disassembly works are carried out, among others, in objects whose construction is designed for further use as a whole or partially. In such cases, the structural elements to be removed are usually cut out with a diamond saw and disassembled using a crane or a miniloader.

Manual dismantling and demolition works are also used in places where heavy equipment cannot be used because of the close proximity of buildings vulnerable to damage - especially historic buildings or buildings in poor technical condition.

Also, the proximity of objects in constant use does not allow for using heavy construction equipment due to significant shock, vibration and noise generated by such equipment Taking advantage of diamond techniques can significantly reduce the discomfort connected with demolition works.

Manual demolition allows an accurate sorting, and thus efficient utilization of excavated material resulting from removal.

KONKRET specialises in precise and controlled manual demolition works and concrete crushing works; such works are carried out using, among others:

  • hand-held pneumatic hammers and electric
  • BROKK demolition machinery
  • DARDA hydraulic wedges
  • circular diamond saws and rope saws
  • mini-excavators and mini-loaders

In our offer we have a wide range of demolition services. We carry out both small assignments such as crushing floors, plaster, removal of windows and doors, demolishing load-bearing walls and partition walls, removal of stone and ceramic facings; as well as large assignments covering comprehensive demolition works in buildings, including: multi-storey buildings having ferroconcrete, brick, or steel constructions, chimneys made of steel and ferroconcrete, buildings in poor technical condition, etc.