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Profesjonalne i szybkie rozbiórki

BROKK demolition machinery

The KONKRET company owns the latest generation remotely controlled demolition machinery including Brokk 100, Brokk 160 and Brokk 260 demolition machines. They provide a high level of safety and comfort of work thanks to the fully remote and wireless control.

The unlimited possibilities of Brokk machines guarantee:

  • safety (remote demolition)
  • versatility (using hammers, scissors etc.)
  • speed (incomparable performance)
  • low cost (compared to cutting)
  • multitasking (construction, industry etc.)

Why Brokk machine?

  • width of 78 cm (gets in through the door)
  • height of 120 cm (works in tunnels and basements)
  • weight of 970 kg (drives on stairs)
  • power (no flue gas emission)
  • range of 4 m (for ceilings and high walls)


  • highly specialized demolition of concrete and brick chimneys
  • controlled demolition of tower structures such as silos, top tanks, water-towers or cooling-towers
  • demolition of closed industrial buildings and company areas
  • disassembly works while the production is running
  • disassembly of steel chimney and filtering structures
  • work in contaminated areas
  • and demolition crushing all the elements made of ferroconcrete, concrete, brick, stone, etc.